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SVEA SoundPanel
SVEA SoundPanel
Published on 28 Jun 2024

The SVEA Barrier System is a safer and more efficient solution for protecting road users, construction sites and the public. The system has superior performance and adaptability, which changes our working methods to a quicker and safer installation and elevates protection and safety to a new level.

In addition to the SVEA Barrier, we offer noise, anti-climb, and visual protection panels that fit seamlessly into the barrier, creating a quieter and safer working environment.


Like the rest of the SVEA Barrier System, SoundPanel is a Swedish innovation that significantly reduces noise from the construction site and immediate vicinity. SoundPanels are available in two main options: solid (opaque) or a transparent window style; both have the same sound-reducing and anti-climb properties.

The image shows various height options with SoundPanels and mesh.


One system, many applications

As a part of our ongoing commitment to innovation, SVEA SoundPanels ensures a quieter and safer working environment. They can be used for up to a height of 4 meters and provide a sound reflection of up to 25 dB.

The SVEA Top Mesh offers an extended anti-climb guard of up to 5 metres, offering additional protection. Even with SoundPanels installed, the system maintains its

adaptability to any ground conditions, compensating for variances in height up to 140mm and slopes of +/- 3°.



Sound and privacy protection for a quieter and safer working environment

The panels can be easily installed and maintained from behind the safety of the barrier, away from the traffic. This enables us to adapt or modify the as needed, all without causing additional traffic disruption in the construction site area.

SVEA SoundPanel

SVEA installed with full height SoundPanels and anti-climb protection.

SVEA SoundPanel

This image demonstrates SVEA’s ability to adapt to varying ground levels.


SVEA SoundPanel advantages

Swivelling angle elements

The security area can be completely enclosed by swivelling connecting brackets with an angle range of 200°. Gate and barrier modules ensure controlled and safe entry and exit from the site.

Patented T-Track ensure quick and easy adaptability

Thanks to the innovative t-track, the system can be easily adapted and extended to create the ideal perimeter site protection.

Event Protection

The SVEA barrier can also be used as a temporary system to provide security and visitor protection at urban and rural events.



Find out more

At Chevron, we take care of everything! We offer a full end-to-end service, including design, planning, traffic management expertise and installation.

Please download our London Urban White Paper here to read more about the challenges and suggested solutions for work zone safety in urban environments.

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