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The Strength Of The Group
The Strength Of The Group
Published on 15 Apr 2024

The direction of our growth has been driven by our care for people’s safety. Dedicated to raising the bar in the industry, we consistently work to expand our range of products and services.

Today, The Chevron Group employs 2000 people across the UK and consists of a group of companies strategically acquired to add value to our customers. All acquisitions made throughout the years have supported our ethos, “a caring force for a safer world.” As a leading infrastructure safety specialist, we are constantly looking to raise safety standards to protect site workers and the public. 

Our CEO, Tim Cockayne, joined in 2010 and has been a driving force since then. Tim is committed to championing innovation and improving service levels, delivery, productivity, efficiency, and safety. His leadership has been instrumental in shaping the group company into what it is today. 

“Today, Chevron is a group of companies, and we have gone from being a traffic management provider to becoming the UK’s leading infrastructure safety expert. We are not afraid to challenge the norm, and we have become known in the industry for doing it right, never cutting corners.  We will not put profit above safety, that's really important to me. I’m convinced that by doing what’s right, instead of what’s easy, we’ve been able to build our reputation and grow the business.  In the acquisitions we’ve made, owners have joined us because they saw us as having integrity, and they wanted their business to be in safe hands.” Tim Cockayne, CEO of The Chevron Group

Setting an ambitious growth strategy, the company's revenue increased from £16m to £256m by 2023.  Since 2010, The Chevron Group has bought and merged 17 companies with the strategic goal of raising the safety bar in our industry and enhancing our offering.  But we aren’t done yet! 

Our growth story is a testament to our commitment to a safer world.

The Chevron Group was acquired by Ramudden Global in 2018. Ramudden Global is a network of companies operating in 12 countries, employing over 4,500 people with a turnover in 2023 of €750 million a year. We take great pride in being part of a prestigious and leading global infrastructure specialist. 


A powerful drive for innovation.

What makes us unique. 

What makes The Chevron Group, and indeed Ramudden Global, unique is our combined expertise and broad offering. Diverse teams are proven to be more effective, and we work in close collaboration with Ramudden Global and our colleagues around the world to share expertise, innovation, and best practices—from the US and Canada to the Nordics and the UK, we have a common mission: to get people home safely every day. 

Examples of our collaboration across borders include recent product innovations, soon to be launched in the UK after being successfully deployed in other countries. Similarly, our recently published White Paper, aimed at improving the standard of temporary site establishments in London, has been adapted to provide guidance in some overseas markets, whilst our digital solutions are now making sites safer, greener, and more efficient worldwide.

As a global team, we are constantly looking to make sites safer. With the recently acquired product development and manufacturing facility in Sweden, we can listen to market feedback and deliver the solutions needed.


Whatever the standards, safety is always a choice. 

The London Urban White Paper. 

We are constantly looking to add value to the wider industry by investigating safer and more efficient systems, methods, and operations. In our 30 years in business, we have been protecting road users, pedestrians, and construction workers with innovative and efficient traffic management solutions. We have experienced many challenges and recognise that UK site safety can always improve.

When discussing safety standards, the burden often falls on the government, but change doesn’t always come quickly.  To support the construction industry in improving standards and driving change, we recently published a London Urban white paper titled “Improving the Standards of Site Establishment Citywide”.  The paper examines the challenges facing the construction sector and proposes how current standards around worksites can be improved in major cities like London.

The decision to work to a higher standard than what’s currently set is something we share with our customers. 

“As the leading infrastructure safety company, we do have a choice in how we work, and we have taken that to heart. Collectively, we believe that safety should never be compromised, and our constant efforts reflect this belief. Our determination has enabled us to build a strong and effective leadership team fully committed to the cause.” Says Tim Cockayne, CEO of The Chevron Group.

The London urban white paper was the start of something new. We don’t just talk about what we as an industry need to do to keep everyone safe; we investigate and make proposals for the benefit of all, something we will continue to do.

We have an ongoing commitment to innovation, and we are looking forward to our big launch this coming week. 

About the Chevron Group.

The Chevron Group is the UK’s leading infrastructure safety expert specialising in traffic management, digital services, vehicle and pedestrian barriers and arboriculture.

Our sectors include Highways, Construction, Rail, Utilities and Events. We provide physical and digital traffic controls to ensure the safety of workers, road users and the public. 

We are a full end-to-end service including design, planning, traffic management and installation. This is our full offering in the UK:

  • Traffic Management in low-speed and high-speed.
  • Green Services.
  • Professional services.
  • Vehicle Restraint Systems.
  • Digital Services.


Contact details.

Tel:  01844 354666