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The benefits of SVEA
The benefits of SVEA
Published on 03 Jun 2024

 The mission was to develop a true system, not just a vehicle restraint barrier, but a of standard components to create containment solutions for a wide range of applications in urban areas.

The SVEA Barrier System is the result of our Swedish colleagues listening to market feedback and collaborating with customers. We looked at the parameters that were most important to our customers.

It was important that SVEA was not only safer, quicker and easier to install on site but safer and more efficient throughout the whole process - from shipping, moving and storage to loading, unloading and installation. Once installed, SVEA then offers ongoing benefits that other systems cannot, such as providing secure site perimeters with sound protection up to 4m in height, reducing noise from worksites by 24dB, and anti-climb protection up to 5m.

Our Group Development Director, Steve Coshall, says this about SVEA.

"It’s always exciting when you have something unique and innovative to bring to market, so I'm thrilled that we can now offer the SVEA Barrier System. The system has been used very successfully across the world, and now it’s available here in the UK. Already, interest in SVEA is gathering pace, and the project pipeline is building nicely. We’ve delivered several projects since launch, including a high-profile project in London, which we’ll be showcasing in the coming weeks, so watch this space!"


Unrivalled benefits

When designing SVEA, Ramudden's Development Engineers first looked at the risks associated with the delivery and installation of traditional barrier systems. These include the risk of working at height when operatives work onboard the flatbed of a truck to connect their lifting equipment, then, the risk of trapped fingers and hands when joining the barriers. The design of SVEA ensures that both of these risks have been eliminated. 

No work at height is needed to connect or ‘sling’ SVEA barriers when lifting as the system is designed to be used with a purpose-designed lifting clamp. The risk of trapped fingers has also been removed due to SVEA's unique connection method - barriers simply slot together when being placed in position. With SVEA, the HIAB operator lifts and places the equipment whilst standing at a safe distance at ground level.

The unique connection detail is where the magic happens! The connection is formed simply by slotting the barriers together when they are positioned by a HIAB from the truck. Safe, fast and seamless compliance.

A lot of thinking went into SVEA's unique connection detail. Our engineers set out to create a way of coupling the barriers that removed risk and increased the speed of installation. Other concrete barrier systems on the market require barriers to be connected as a separate operation, using loose parts and bolted joints, meaning the risk of trapped fingers and hands.



The benefits of SVEA

Time trial showing 23m of SVEA Barrier System safely installed in just ten minutes.


Steve Coshall explains the added value of SVEA.

"At Chevron, we’re on a mission to make sites safer, greener and more efficient. With products like SVEA, we can add real value for our customers, particularly when it comes to enhancing site safety and reducing build times. What excites me about this system is that it’s genuinely unique in the UK. It can be used for so many applications, from vehicle restraint to sound-reducing site perimeters, pit lanes, secure compounds and much more. We can also digitise SVEA by attaching our Intellitag asset-tracking device, creating a digital copy of the barrier to allow monitoring of site events in real-time."


A quick benefit guide

With installation times 50% quicker than alternative systems, SVEA will shorten any site programme and enhance safety. Unique features of the system include:

+ Unique connection means no need to fix joints.

+ Shorter installed length required - only 28.5m to comply with N1.

+ 50% quicker installation times.

+ Tested and compliant with BS EN 1317-2 Class N1, even with optional full-height sound and privacy panels.

+ Fully compliant without the need to anchor.

+ Can load more onto the truck – 1.2 tonnes as opposed to 2.5 tonnes for other systems.

+ Anti-climb protection up to 5m.  Noise and privacy protection up to 4m.


SVEA is highly adaptable to varying levels and angles and can be built in various configurations of height and containment, from basic low-level units to full-height enclosures with acoustic panels to reduce noise from sites,


All systems are built with longevity in mind – fully serviceable and repairable for many years of usable life.


Barriers can be utilised with our digital solutions, creating a "Smart Barrier" to allow remote monitoring and alerts. This warning system creates an instant digital twin of the work zone, allowing for real-time monitoring and helping to keep workers safe. 


Place-making is a growing expectation in modern urban areas. This means creating a safe, clean and welcoming environment for users navigating around work sites. SVEA supports this important goal by providing safe and tidy site perimeters with the added benefit of reduced noise levels.

Rigorously tested

With unmatched performance and unrivalled safety, SVEA offers peace of mind in its compliance: CE-certified and crash-tested according to EN 1317-2 in capacity class T2, T3, N1, N2 and MASH TL-3.


The SVEA Barrier System offers the best-documented performance worldwide. You can find the SVEA Barrier System and more benefits here.

At Chevron Group, we take care of everything. The full end-to-end service from design and planning to installation and removal. 

To read more about the challenges faced by contractors operating in urban environments and some proposals for solutions, download our London Urban White Paper.