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Chevron TM to create nature reserve to promote biodiversity
Chevron TM to create nature reserve to promote biodiversity
Published on 04 Jun 2021

Chevron Traffic Management plans to turn a plot of overgrown land into a community-focused nature reserve to support biodiversity and promote environmental awareness.

The innovative project will be located near the town of Usk, in South East Wales, which has a well-established environmentally-friendly reputation, having won Wales in Bloom 37 years in a row.

“This is a really exciting project for Chevron TM, which came about through innovative thinking and supportive leadership,” explains Jamie Bowen, Head of ESG and Improvement for Chevron TM. “We own the land but had no commercial use for it so we looked at how we could best use it. Perhaps we were inspired by the fantastic floral and environmental work that goes on in the town of Usk, but we decided to look at the possibility of tying it into our ESG strategy and so Chevron Wood evolved.”

The traffic management specialist has plans to transform the area into a nature reserve, which can be used for environmental outreach programmes with local communities and schools.

“We have already carried out a biodiversity survey in the area and believe that we have discovered some rare examples of botany within the county,” adds Jamie. “We want to continue to explore the area and create a sanctuary for flora, fauna, wildlife and birds which can be used for education or recreational purposes by local communities and schools.”

Chevron TM recently partnered with climate and sustainable development experts ClimateCare to offset carbon emissions associated with their traffic management operations.

“We recently signed up with Climate Care to offset unavoidable carbon emissions by supporting projects that decarbonise grid electricity in India and protect a significant and vital carbon sink in the Gola Rainforest National Park, Sierra Leone,” continues Jamie. “Chevron Wood allows us to support communities and the environment closer to home. It’s a really exciting project. I’m proud to be part of it and look forward to seeing it come to fruition.”