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HRS to digitise traffic management in Australia
HRS to digitise traffic management in Australia
Published on 11 Aug 2022

Digital traffic management specialist HRS has just signed a partnership agreement with Altus Traffic, the largest provider of professional traffic control services in Australia, to digitise their traffic management provision.

HRS Managing Director, Roger Poeth and Chairman, Keith Dawson travelled to Australia last week to sign a long-term agreement to digitise Altus Traffic’s work zones through HRS’s MyWorkZone technology.

“We are delighted to partner with Altus Traffic to bring our innovative technology to Australia for the first time,” comments Roger Poeth. “Altus Traffic are passionate about safety and believe that technology will play a major part in moving the industry forwards. Together we will be able to launch proven solutions into the Australian market and rapidly customise them to suit local ways of working. The result will be safer and more efficient work zones which will save precious resources and reduce carbon emissions. We are proud to partner with Altus on this extremely exciting and forward-thinking journey.”

HRS has been providing digital traffic management services in the UK for more than a decade with a range of award-winning products including Intellicone® Portable Alarm System, Intellicone® Smart Taper, Intelliframe® and Intellicam®.

Ben Marsonet, CEO, Altus Traffic spoke about the partnership with HRS: “This agreement is a really important step for Altus Traffic. We have been looking at what HRS is doing in the UK and are really excited to bring their technology to the traffic management industry in Australia. The ability to make our assets smart is the key driver for us. With data comes power and with HRS’s MyWorkZone technology, we will have the power to make data-led decisions to improve safety and productivity for our clients.”

HRS Chairman, Keith Dawson added: “This partnership with Altus Traffic is another step in HRS’s global journey which will see us deliver a wide range of innovative digital services into the Australian market. We have been growing our international markets in Europe and Canada with our colleagues at Ramudden, AVS, Fero Group and Stinson, but Australia is a completely new territory for us. Altus is a market leader with a proven track record in championing change and innovation and we are looking forward to seeing digital traffic management rolled out across Australia.”